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About mediation

Mediation is a viable and efficient alternative to the court of law in solving any litigation or dispute in short time.

The mediator is the arbiter of the case. He does not represent or defend any party of the conflict. He does not offer solutions but encourages and facilitates the communication, dialog and negotiation between the parties so that the solution of the dispute should be totally agreedĀ  and especially turn into practice by common sense!

My mission

To guide and encourage the parties of a dispute to regain the equilibrium and find efficient and long term solutions by using dialog, communication and negotiation technics

About me

  • Graduate of Law University out of the Romanian American University Bucharest Class of 2001
  • Over 12 years dedicated exclusively for commercial litigation and legal consultancy
  • Managing partner at CreditPlus Consulting & Collection
  • Personal skills: excellent communication and dialog skills, exclusive promoter of alternative methods for solving any dispute out of court.

Area of mediation services:

I offer especially mediation services in the area of commercial disputes. My personal standard include only professional assistance in Romanian language but also German or English.


Mediator Dinca Sabina Elena

Str. Somesului nr 1, App 3
Sibiu, Romania
Tel/ Fax: 0269 242 406
Mobil:     0723 591 786


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