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Debt collection services represent the main activity of our company and involves a set of amicable, constant and progressive proceedings having as target the payment of the debt into the account of the creditor.


  Payment of the services only by result ( no win no fee). The efficiency of CreditPlus is guaranteed by the system: no win no fee. CreditPlus charges a success fee exclusive applied at the amounts collected in the accounts of the creditors.

  Improvement of cash- flow in a short time period A paid debt transforms your liabilities into assets. The average working time for a file is up to 60 days.

  The recognition of the debt and clarification of the aspects that where reason for un-payment. CreditPlus takes strong action until the explicit acknowledgement of the debt has been obtained from the debtor as this is a prior, important step for amicable collection. We clarify by dialog and communication any situation invoked by the debtor that is involved on solving the financial litigation.

  Saving time, money and own resources. Our experience, professionalism and the way we understand to perform our work will avoid the payment of useless judicial taxes and fees and offers clear solutions , answers in a short period of time . Our clients can focus on the main activities of the company. We can take care of debtors so that you can take care of the main business. CreditPlus will be paid on “no win no fee” basis

  Image of the client. Our services help to provide your image on the market as a responsible company that acts in time against debtors and do not allow losses from non-payment of invoices.

Debt collection using court procedures

  If we succeed to get only partial payments or have no success  in collecting the debts using amicable procedures, we recommend to our clients particular  court procedures in order to collect the debts via court. We include here commercial common procedures, summon procedures , bankruptcy actions or if necessary penal complains.
We assist our clients also in all the executional procedures by taking care of all the necessary documents, recommend the best legal executors and follow-up till the procedures are finished.

As a partner of the International Debt Collection Association SEKUNDI GROUP we offer to our clients also debt collection services in over 20 European countries.

For detailed information please contact us and visit the official partner site:


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